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This website contains a collection of pictures of Susan, Jurjen, Jordan & Aliyah Hoekstra from Amersfoort, the Netherlands.

It starts around august 2001 when the Hoekstra family moved to the US for a 3 year period. Here they traveled a lot and saw a great deal of the US.

Click here for the US adventures.

In october 2004 we came back to the Netherlands.

Click here for the Netherlands pictures.


In case we missed any one: Happy Newyear and enjoy 2009 to the max. Good luck with your new president.

SORRY, if you have been trying to access our site over Christmas and after. We moved the site to a new hosting provider, but it did not go as smooth as we expected. It is up and running again since 20 january 2009.

I will soon add some additional pictures.

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We had a good winter and were able to do quite a bit of skating. I have put some pictures on the internet in a different way. This link will take you there. You can see a lot of skating pictures, but also some of Jordan's birthday party at the Amsterdam Dungeon. I will further have to work on the site, will do so soon.

Recently I have started a web-log for my 5 interests (running, Maserati, building computer, sailing and ice skating). It is in Dutch, but for those who do not understand the language, you can also find quite a few pictures:

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I also assisted Aliyah in making her own web-log, so she is also currently part of the World Wide Web, you can find her (in Dutch) at:

On both web-log's we have a few links to the same pictures on Picasaweb.

The big questions is now how to have a good integrated view on the Hoekstra's with this website, the web-logs and part of the pictures stored at Picasaweb. I'll figure this out some day. At the moment we will continue as is: general family stuff at this website, personal stuff and personal pictures on the weblog's/Picasaweb.

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Happy reading.


Latest update: 18 february 2009

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